Automated Negotiation SCM Consortium


Information on joining

Member Benefits

  • (1) Participation in working groups
  • (2) Participation in various events, study sessions, forums, and exchange meetings
  • (3) Provision of information from the Consortium by e-mail, etc.
  • (4) Sharing information among members.
  • (5) Participation in other activities conducted by the Consortium

Membership fee

  • No membership fee


Membership Classification

Membership Classification Key roles
General Members
  • ・Hearing of issues/elemental technologies
  • ・Proposal of solutions to solve problems
  • ・Proposal of PoC(Proof of Concept)
  • ・WG activities in general
User Members
  • ・Share of issues
  • ・Investigation of feasibility study for solutions/PoCs
  • ・Participation and support for PoCs
Academic Members
  • ・Support from academic points of view

Submission of Consent Form

We will conclude a nondisclosure agreement (DSR-21-001) with any organization that wishes to join.
The Non-Disclosure Agreement can be downloaded from the link below. If you agree to the terms of the agreement, you will be asked to submit an agreement (Appendix 2).

Contact Us

If you are interested in joining the Consortium, please contact us at the address below.