How to join

  • By completing steps 1 through 3, the enrollment procedure is completed.
  • After that, you can start activities at each Working Group(Manufacturing W/Logistics WG/Common WG).

About Member

Member Benefits

  1. Participation in working groups
  2. Participation in various events, study sessions, forums, and exchange meetings
  3. Provision of information from the Consortium by e-mail, etc.
  4. Sharing information among members.
  5. Participation in other activities conducted by the Consortium

Membership fee

No membership fee


  1. Sign of non-disclosure agreement
    Click here for non-disclosure agreement
  2. Compliance with the Consortium’s operating terms, membership rules, and other rules.
    Click here for the terms and rules

Membership Classification

Membership Classification Key roles
General Members
  • Hearing of issues/elemental technologies
  • Proposal of solutions to solve problems
  • Proposal of PoC(Proof of Concept)
  • WG activities in general
User Members
  • Share of issues
  • Investigation of feasibility study for solutions/PoCs
  • Participation and support for PoCs
Academic Members
  • Support from academic points of view

Submission of Consent Form

We will conclude a nondisclosure agreement (DSR-21-001) with any organization that wishes to join.

The Non-Disclosure Agreement can be downloaded from the link below. If you agree to the terms of the agreement, you will be asked to submit an agreement (Appendix 2).

Consortium Non-Disclosure Agreement