Automated Negotiation SCM Consortium

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Automated Negotiation SCM consortium

The consortium aims to dramatically improve the efficiency of the “coordination of interests and behavior among companies, organizations, and individuals” that occur every day in the supply chain. The consortium will promote cooperation by members from various positions such as solution providers, users, academic experts, etc., with the main activities of organizing and verifying practical adjustment business flows utilizing advanced technologies, and their development and dissemination.

Background of the Consortium establishment

In the supply chain of all industries, such as adjusting the delivery date, quantity, and price of products in the manufacturing industry, and adjusting delivery conditions and prices in the logistics industry, various adjustments with counterparties are generated and carried out in large quantities every day among companies, organizations, individuals, etc.

At present, these coordination operations are mainly carried out manually. However, due to the small lot of transactions, the complexity and diversification of products, the demand for responding to detailed needs, and the intensification of the competitive environment, there is a growing need to carry out more complex adjustment operations in a shorter time and accurately.

Furthermore, in the current situation of the tightness of major components due to disasters and epidemics, and the decrease in the number of young people due to the declining birthrate, the success or failure of adjustments has also affected the survival of the company and the maintenance of social functions.

Under the background, the Consortium will organize and verify the coordination business flow that realizes dramatic efficiency improvement by utilizing advanced technologies for representative use cases and aim to develop and disseminate them.

Purpose of the
Automated Negotiation SCM consortium

Efficiency improvement of the adjustment work that occurs every day

Automated Negotiation demonstrations

  • Source:NEC

    Automated negotiation of parts procurement

    You can see a demonstration of automated negotiations by AI referring to the adjustment of the price, delivery date, and quantity of automotive parts in the automotive supply chain.

  • Source:NEC

    Automated negotiation of logistics arrangements

    You can see a demonstration of negotiations between AI and people, referring to the adjustment of airlift quotas among shippers, logistics companies and airlift companies in air logistics.


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